Homemade fragrant stew

We take the kazanok and put all the products in layers.
Add salt and pepper to each layer.
Pour over the wiped tomatoes.
Cover tightly with a lid, you can even cover it with a dough.
Stew on very low heat for 1.5 hours.
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Philadelphia rolls on home

Transfer the roll to the chopping board and with a sharp knife soaked in water, cut it in half. Then each half — into three or four pieces.
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Chilled swans with cream

Take 1 body of the swan, with a very sharp knife, cut off the lid by 1/3 or half. Start the swan with cream, and cut the top cover in half to make the wings. Insert your head. Repeat with the other swans and cream. Sprinkle the ready-made swans with powdered sugar.
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Baked pork

Do not forget to water the meat every time. Check the readiness of meat near the bone. If light juice flows, without redness, take the baking tray out of the oven, cover with foil, leave for 15 minutes.
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Fried fish with lemon

After pickling, we pour the fish in flour mixed with a small amount of salt, and fry it on red-hot oil from two sides to a golden color.
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