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Chocolate with custard

Whip the whites, add sugar, one at a time, add the yolks; Mix the flour, cocoa, baking powder and add to the egg mass. Cook in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 200-220 degrees.

Salad Hedgehog

Pour the dough into a frying pan and put any stuffing on top.
At me sausages, then hardly smoked sausages, slightly fried mushrooms

Apple pancakes

Peel apples from the core and skin. Rub on a large grater.
2. Add the egg and sugar, mix. Gradually add flour, so that the dough becomes thick as usual pancakes (roughly a glass, but this depends on the juiciness of the apples).

Eggs with caviar

This gorgeous snack is very simple and easy to prepare. You need to boil as many eggs as you want to get the pairs of boats.

Chicken Merchant

Cook the chicken into pieces and weigh 20 grams and fry. Then pour water (broth), put butter, fried potatoes, salt, fried tomatoes in circles, fried mushrooms.

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