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Cooking a cake from the liver at home

The liver is scrolled through a meat grinder
2. add: flour, eggs, milk, salt, soda
3 of the test obtained fry pancakes
4. fry the finely chopped onion with grated carrots
5. every pancake greased with mayonnaise and padded with onions and carrots

Cooking pork ribs in the oven

Ribs can be baked on the grill. In this case, under the grate, you need to put the pan in order to drain excess fat into it.
If you bake ribs on a baking sheet, remember: on the baking sheet you can put parchment for baking or foil.

Mexican tortillas

Boil the potatoes, cook the mashed potatoes, add flour and egg to it. From the prepared dough, lay a cake and lay it on a greased frying pan.

Super-burger chicken cutlets

For what I like chicken cutlets with oat flakes, it’s because even from such dietary meat as chicken fillet, they are very juicy. After all, unfortunately, many dishes made from chicken are a bit dryish, but this is not the recipe

Salad love and cunning

Salad we lay in layers, in a suitable container in the following order … yes all the ingredients are cut into cubes

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