A simple recipe for jerky meat (cook at home)

A simple recipe for jerky meat (cook at home)

I always thought that wilting meat at home without having a cellar and / or special equipment is impossible. And every time, returning from another vacation in Italy, we took with us several packages, which were enough for several weeks. And then again waiting for another vacation with a foray into the super 🙂 In short, when the «Al-haShulhan» published this recipe, I simply had to try. And here’s what I tell you: it turned out simply amazing, parents at first did not even understand that meat is homemade, not bought!

You will need:

— 1 kg of meat (*)
— 40 gr. sea ​​salt
— 30 gr. Sahara
— 4 gr. ground coffee
— 10 gr. coarsely ground black pepper
— 10 gr. juniper berries, smash (**)
— 5-6 laurel leaves

* meat is better to take beef, rather than veal, a long piece along the fibers. It was recommended to take a piece called topside, I understand that this is an analogue of rump

** juniper, no less than coffee, was not at home. Outside, the window was Saturday, so there was nowhere to run after them. So I just put a spoonful of cilantro seeds and a mixture of peppers (English, white, black and green) instead of them. I agree, the replacement is not equivalent, but because no less tasty. The meat turned spicy and island.

How to cook:

1. Mix the spices, salt and sugar, and smear them with meat from all sides. We lay the meat in a narrow shape (so that there is no space left on the sides) or in the form of an inglycake.

2. Close the food film, put on top of the board or a narrow plate so that it covers the entire surface of the piece, and we put a load on it. We send our building in the fridge to marinate for a week (I had 8 days). Every two days we turn the meat over and drain the liquid.

3. A piece can lose 10-30% of weight in a week. I started with a piece weighing 1451 gr., And after pickling the weight became 1293 gr. After a week, we take our meat out of the refrigerator and dry it with paper towels. At this stage, you can remove the spices — they played a role in marinating. Visually certainly more beautiful with them. Well and sharpness they will add, if to cut meat together with spices. So do as you like. I left.

4. Now, if there is a place, simply tie the meat and hang it in the fridge. If there is no place — then we spread it on the grill above the plate and put it on the shelf in the refrigerator (I did so). Meat is not covered — it should dry and wither. We turn the piece every day or two.

We maintain a minimum of a week, a maximum of three. I have meat on the photo after 1.5 weeks of aging. By the way, the weight of the finished piece was 998 g., So the weight loss was 32%. Finished meat wrapped in a dry cloth in one layer, and in bakery paper, store in the refrigerator of course. Stored meat does not last more than a month, so do not do much.

And the most difficult thing in this recipe is to allocate an inviolable shelf in the fridge for a couple of weeks. We already ate our meat, and my wife immediately said: «Put the next!» This time I’ll reserve juniper in advance.

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