American punkcakes with cinnamon

American punkcakes with cinnamon

Wheat Flour 240 g
Milk 220 ml
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Egg chicken 4 pieces
Salt pinch
Soda slaked 0.2 teaspoon
Cinnamon ground to taste

1. We divide the eggs into squirrels and yolks. We remove the proteins in the fridge, rub the yolks with sugar, cinnamon.
2. Add the milk.
3. Pour the sifted flour, do not stop stirring. Add the soda, extinguished with vinegar.
4. Protein salt and whisk at a high speed mixer in a steep foam to steady peaks.
5. A tablespoon add the protein mass to the dough and gently mix from the bottom up.
6. Put the frying pan on medium (or slightly less) fire, grease with butter only once.
7. Put the dough on a frying pan with a spoon.
8. Turn over when the top is fully tightened, this is approximately 1.5 minutes.
9. Finished American pancakes fold on the plate and lubricate with oil.

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