Baked chicken in marinade with oranges

Baked chicken in marinade with oranges


Chicken — 2 carcasses
Garlic — 2 cloves
Onions — 2 pcs.
Oranges — 2 pcs.


Mustard with grains — 2 tbsp. L.
Olive oil — 3 tbsp. L.
Lemon juice — 80 ml
Sugar — 3 tsp.
Salt — ½ tsp.
Liquid honey — 100 ml
Orange pepper (or black) — ½ tsp.
Dried orange peel — 1 pinch
Zira — ½ tsp.
Turmeric — ½ tsp.
Coriander — ½ tsp.


1. Do the marinade. Just mix all the ingredients for it.
2. Cut the chicken carcass into parts and spread it on the baking sheet. We pour the marinade and put it in the fridge for an hour to marinate. At this time, turn on the oven at 190 ° C.
3. Cut the onions into slices and spread them. Garlic chopped finely and sprinkled with chicken. Oranges cut into thin circles and spread on top of the chicken.
We send it to the oven for an hour.
4. Oranges will be burned — that’s right. During cooking, sometimes grease the chicken and oranges with a marinade.
5. Take the dish out of the oven. There will be a lot of juice from the marinade with chicken and oranges combined. I water them rice, it turns out very tasty. By the way, yes, the rice will be an excellent side dish to this chicken.

Bon Appetit!

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