Beef meat in cheese sauce (Home Lasagna)

Beef meat in cheese sauce (Home Lasagna)


Beef meat — 1,5 kg
Champignons — 0,5
Processed cheese — 250 g
Spoonful of tomato paste — to taste
Seasonings, greens — to taste


1. First of all cut the beef meat cubes with a border of 2-4 cm and throw it into the frying pan for medium fire.

2. Mine fungi, pour boiling water from the just boiled teapot.

3. Bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes.

4. Do not forget to stir-turn the meat to fry evenly and do not burn to a frying pan.

5. When the mushrooms are welded, we drain the water from them, pour out the capacity into some thread and cool it in the freezer (freshly cut to cut very painfully and uncomfortably). And then shred them into small parts

6. Cut the mushrooms into the meat, which is already well fried (there are no blood-red spots, but there is a fragrant boiling broth), add the seasoning and mix.

7. Add a good spoonful of tomato paste and mix again.

8. Then we spread the melted cheese and mix it very thoroughly, we melted it, the longer and more carefully the better.

9. Then we add that my heart desires.

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