Beet Salad

Beet Salad

Very easy to prepare!

We need:

● Beet 300 g
● Egg of chicken 2 pcs
● Cheese of hard varieties 80 g
● Mayonnaise 3 tbsp.
● Salt 1 chips.
● Mixture of peppers 1 chips.


1. To prepare a salad you need: boiled beets (maroon, sweet), boiled eggs, hard cheese, a little mayonnaise, salt and spices to taste. Salad in the above interpretation is fairly neutral to taste.
It can be diversified if you add:

— a little chopped garlic;
— diced pickled cucumber;
— Crushed walnuts;
Mixed with mayonnaise.

2. Peeled boiled beets cut into small cubes, put in a salad bowl.

3. Cheese and peeled eggs cut into small cubes. Add them to the salad bowl to the beetroot.

4. Salt the salad, season with mayonnaise, season with spices to taste.

5. Shake the salad. You can serve immediately after cooking.

6. Decorate when served with grated cheese, canned peas or corn, fresh greens.

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