Bride Salad

Bride Salad

Salad Bride — festive, beautiful, gentle, airy. This is all without exaggeration. Try this amazing salad at your leisure, I like everyone, without exception, who try. Smoked chicken can be replaced with fried or stewed ham — it will taste better. Than boiled fillet. Mayonnaise, preferably, take a low-calorie. Dare in a new delicious salad!

300g smoked chicken
4 eggs
1 fused cheese «Friendship»
Potatoes 2 pcs.
Onion to taste, better onions, can be green

How to prepare a salad «Bride» with smoked chicken:

1.We discard eggs and potatoes until cooked, chicken cut into small pieces.

2. Potato we will grate on a large grater, cheese — on fine, yolks and fibers — separately.

3. It is better to use the onion, pre-marinating it (finely chop and pour for 10-20 minutes with a mixture of vinegar 1 tablespoon and hot water)

4.Thard each layer of food you need on the weight above the plate (or a flat dish), so that the salad leaves really airy and gentle. We spread the «Bride» salad in layers, making a mayonnaise net between them.

1st layer: chicken, mayonnaise
2 nd: onion
3rd: potatoes, mayonnaise
4th: yolks
5th: processed cheese, mayonnaise
6-th: proteins.

As you can see, mayonnaise is not after every layer. If desired, you can repeat the layers again.

Let the salad soak for several hours.

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