Caesar salad

Caesar salad


— chicken breast (fillet)
— salad «Peking»
— hard cheese for your taste
— crackers
— Tomatoes (1-2 pieces).

For sauce:

— mayonnaise
— garlic
— greenery
— lemon


We cook the chicken. Here to your taste — you can just cook, you can, already boiled, lightly fry until golden brown … Who loves.

While the chicken is brewed, cut the cabbage into thin strips.

We cut tomatoes into slices.

Grate the cheese on a fine grater.

By this time, the chicken was cooked. Disassemble it into small pieces (along the fibers).

In a blender, chop mayonnaise with a pair of cloves of garlic, herbs and a few drops of lemon until smooth. Try — someone loves more or less garlic or lemon.
All this can be done manually.

Attention: we do not fill the salad, serve the sauce separately, so that guests can pour the salad in their dish. So the salad will retain its original appearance even during a long feast.

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