Cake in Kiev

Cake in Kiev

How to cook a cake in Kiev?


For the cake:
8 egg yolks
1.5 cups of sugar
200 grams of oil
400 grams of sour cream
1.5 tablespoons of walnuts
1,5-2 st.muki

For meringue: 8 egg whites, 2 cups sugar.

For the cream: -1 b.varenoy condensed milk and 200 grams of oil.


In the beginning, place sour cream in a deep bowl, put 2 tsp soda, mix and put aside.
Separate yolks from proteins.

Proteins in the fridge, and beat the yolks with sugar, add butter (it is room temperature, soft) and sour cream, which has already boiled and increased in volume, now add nuts (by the way, I cut them larger, and do not grind them into dust so deliciously ) well, and the flour. The dough should turn out like a thick sour cream.

Preheat the oven to 170g. Form (28, and even 30 cm) is covered, lubricated with oil, poured out half the dough and baked.

It is fasted for 15 minutes. The second half too.
While cakes are baked, whisk 8 proteins from 2 st.sahara to a dense mass.
We bake meringue at the same temperature as the cakes. Ideally, the meringue should be baked to a crunch. BUT!!!

Experienced, I found out that everyone likes it when the meringue inside is like a soufflé.
This time he baked it for 40 minutes, on top and on the sides it is crunchy, and inside is tender. The chests do not lift very much.

While all this business cools, operativnenko beat the cream.
The butter is soft, at room temperature, whisked and in a spoon add var.sgushchenku. ALL!!!
We collect the cake according to the known scheme — cake-cream-meringue-cream-cake. We decorate it with a feeling of deep satisfaction mentally applauding ourselves.

Bon Appetit!

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