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Roll for tea fast

In parallel with the baking of the cake, put a metal saucepan on the fire, into which we pour jam and lightly heat it. By the way, jam can be any, but especially suitable strawberry.

Home French croissants

A three-layered rectangle measuring approximately 17 x 20 cm will be obtained. The edges of the dough should be well clamped so that the oil does not come out when the dough is rolled out further.

Flower Cookies

Do not rumble very much so that it does not overdry.
Very smart and cute cookies turned out!

Lavash sweets

Chop the nuts with a rolling pin. We mix together nuts, condensed milk and butter. We will put the mixture on a lavash layer and curl it with a tight roll.

Turkish cheese puff

The edges of the lower raw dough layer are bent upwards, from the top of Achmu cover with the eighth — a dough layer of dough, to join and secure their edges.

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