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Vegetable pilaf

After. as the vegetables were extinguished for about 10 minutes, the rice is covered with a layer, after boiling again transfer to a small fire and simmer until the rice is ready, i.e. 18-25 minutes.

Honey Biscuit

Very delicious tender sponge cake, with a smell of honey, melts in your mouth! Excellent rises, does not fall off, there is no hat, and is as simple as possible in cooking!

Hepatic cake is cooked at home

Then we spread all layers on a plate in the form of a cake: a liver pancake, smeared with mayonnaise with garlic, carrots, onions, cucumbers, etc.

Lavash homemade baked in the oven

Lavash spread with a mixture of mayonnaise and tomato sauce (for opponents of mayonnaise you can use sour cream, I tried to get equally delicious)

Spicy Corrida Salad

This is an excellent recipe for a salad of corrido hot like a cake in a pencil, also stacked in layers. Salad can be served for any holiday, even go to the wedding table, where the guests will be only too happy to have such a treat.

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