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Eggplant Rolls

Eggplants cut into long tongues. Salt well. Put in a bowl, press down on a plate and set aside for half an hour.
Chicken fillet grind in a combine, you can pass through a meat grinder with a fine grate, and if there is no combine or mincer, cut it with a fine-fine knife.

Lazy cabbage rolls without a drop of fat

Mix well in a bowl of minced meat, cabbage, rice, egg. Then season with salt.
Blind from the resulting minced small round cutlets and put them in a frying pan with high sides.

Skits with minced meat

When the first time cooked lazy cabbage rolls, kapushu twisted in a meat grinder, but faced with a problem: cabbage rolls at the formation of poorly kept in shape and tried to fall apart.

Stuffed meat cabbage rolls

Preparation of meat cabbage rolls:

With cabbage gently shoot the leaves, if poorly removed, then you can pre-freeze, and when it thaws, the leaves will be removed easily. If the cabbage is not frozen, then the leaves should be boiled for several minutes.

Lazy cabbage rolls

Cabbage finely chopped and scalded with boiling water, cook boiled rice until half ready, fry onion and carrots, chop the garlic. Mix, add egg, salt, pepper, spices.

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