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Cooking home Briisol

I thought, what would such a delicious cook for the arrival of her husband … And decided to make a briol …
Brosol is minced, fried in an egg … It can wrap any stuffing … It’s soooo tasty!

Eggplant Rolls

Eggplants cut into long tongues. Salt well. Put in a bowl, press down on a plate and set aside for half an hour.
Chicken fillet grind in a combine, you can pass through a meat grinder with a fine grate, and if there is no combine or mincer, cut it with a fine-fine knife.

Lazy cabbage rolls without a drop of fat

Mix well in a bowl of minced meat, cabbage, rice, egg. Then season with salt.
Blind from the resulting minced small round cutlets and put them in a frying pan with high sides.

Skits with minced meat

When the first time cooked lazy cabbage rolls, kapushu twisted in a meat grinder, but faced with a problem: cabbage rolls at the formation of poorly kept in shape and tried to fall apart.

Stuffed meat cabbage rolls

Preparation of meat cabbage rolls:

With cabbage gently shoot the leaves, if poorly removed, then you can pre-freeze, and when it thaws, the leaves will be removed easily. If the cabbage is not frozen, then the leaves should be boiled for several minutes.

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