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Favorite cake sour cream

And so we smear all the cakes and sides.
Cut the cakes we grind into crumbs (hands) and sprinkle the whole cake.

Chicken liver cake

Rinse the liver, grind it in a meat grinder or blender. Add milk, eggs, flour, vegetable oil and salt, mix well.

Simple American Pie Cake

Cookies to grind into a crumb, add egg and butter, mix well and vystelit in the shape making the skirts 1,5 — 2 cm.
Place for 12-15 minutes. in the heated to 180 «C oven.

Cake in Kiev

In the beginning, place sour cream in a deep bowl, put 2 tsp soda, mix and put aside.
Separate yolks from proteins.

Chocolate pancake cake with curd cream

Cream well shake and add to the curd.. Whisk the cream and cottage cheese for a couple of minutes.
Add sugar and condensed milk. Mix well.
The cream is ready, what can be easier?

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