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Cooking a cake from the liver at home

The liver is scrolled through a meat grinder
2. add: flour, eggs, milk, salt, soda
3 of the test obtained fry pancakes
4. fry the finely chopped onion with grated carrots
5. every pancake greased with mayonnaise and padded with onions and carrots

Light cake with strawberries and chocolate

Well and further flight of imagination — sour cream, or cottage cheese, or custard, or oil, or mereng — to whom as it is pleasant it is possible more possible to sprinkle powdered sugar.

Cake-soufflé (Bird’s milk)

Ready cake can be covered with chocolate. For this fat cream (about 80 ml) melt with 100 g chocolate and grease the cake.

Homemade Pancho Cake

Dice the dipped in the cream and spread on the cake. Fold cake in the form of a pea.
12. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and apply a pattern.

How to Make Christmas Cupcakes

1. Whisk eggs and yolks with sugar in a lush mass.
2. Add the sour cream, mix. Pour the sifted flour through the sieve with a baking powder (or soda), mix. Because There are no fresh berries, I thawed about a glass of raspberries. I drained the liquid, added the berries to the dough, and mixed it.

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