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Fruit tartare

For such tartar, you can choose other combinations of seasonal fruits that you have at hand: peaches, plums, dense pears. Do not use only watermelons and melons — they will very quickly flow and destroy the entire structure.

Hepatic cake Refreshing

It turns out that’s a cake, decorated at will and by the presence of imagination.

Cake cherry kiss home

This cake I really, really liked)) Very soft cake, a gentle cream, a good impregnation .. Everything is just fine. I think that the combination of sweet and sour will satisfy everyone. It is worth to cook.

Sour cream cake, freebie

Once again, beat the creamy curd mixture to a homogeneous mass.
Rectangular deep baking dish is covered with foil or food film.

Light cookie cake

A simple and very light cake made from a square cookie surprises with its simplicity and beauty. As for the design of the cake, it is necessary to think individually, that is, for your understanding. And I suggest, according to this recipe, act and enjoy the taste.

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