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Yogurt cake — light

Very airy, not cloying and light cake with yoghurt, which anyone can cook without extra effort.
Do everything as it is written, exactly according to the prescription, and you will have everything like mine.

Snack Cake

Decorate the cake to your liking or as shown in the photo: cucumber strips, chopped walnuts, parsley leaves and cranberry berries.

Chocolate — Ideal cake

Everything, I found my ideal chocolate cake)) Such chocolate-preshokoladny, rich, soft, gentle, moist .

Gentle cake May tenderness

The liquid is poured hot into berries and put in the refrigerator.
After 20 minutes the cake is ready.

Clever cake

All the ingredients are mixed, a very liquid dough is obtained, but in the oven it «cleverly» stratifies into layers: and you get a cake with cream in the middle.

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