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Chocolate banana cake

We start with the chocolate layer. In a water bath, melt the chocolate and butter until smooth.
Eggs with sugar beat the mixer for 5 minutes, no more.
Mix the flour with cocoa

Curd cake

Eggs beat up, add sugar + vanillin, butter (melted), mix, add soda, then cottage cheese, beat until homogeneous, add flour, beat.

Fruit tartare

For such tartar, you can choose other combinations of seasonal fruits that you have at hand: peaches, plums, dense pears. Do not use only watermelons and melons — they will very quickly flow and destroy the entire structure.

Hepatic cake Refreshing

It turns out that’s a cake, decorated at will and by the presence of imagination.

Cake cherry kiss home

This cake I really, really liked)) Very soft cake, a gentle cream, a good impregnation .. Everything is just fine. I think that the combination of sweet and sour will satisfy everyone. It is worth to cook.

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