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Sour cream cake, freebie

Once again, beat the creamy curd mixture to a homogeneous mass.
Rectangular deep baking dish is covered with foil or food film.

Light cookie cake

A simple and very light cake made from a square cookie surprises with its simplicity and beauty. As for the design of the cake, it is necessary to think individually, that is, for your understanding. And I suggest, according to this recipe, act and enjoy the taste.

Yogurt cake — light

Very airy, not cloying and light cake with yoghurt, which anyone can cook without extra effort.
Do everything as it is written, exactly according to the prescription, and you will have everything like mine.

Snack Cake

Decorate the cake to your liking or as shown in the photo: cucumber strips, chopped walnuts, parsley leaves and cranberry berries.

Chocolate — Ideal cake

Everything, I found my ideal chocolate cake)) Such chocolate-preshokoladny, rich, soft, gentle, moist .

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