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Preparation of lasagna can be divided into three stages — preparation of Bolognese sauce, Béchamel sauce and lasagna assembly.

Chicken Casserole

Form the baking grease with oil and lay a layer of aubergines slightly overlapping each other. Top put chicken fillet.

Meat casserole

Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices. Cut the onions into half rings. Mushrooms cut into small cubes, mix with minced meat and season with salt and pepper.

Casserole Marble with cottage cheese and chocolate

Preparation of casserole Marble with cottage cheese and chocolate:

Beat cottage cheese with sour cream, sugar, eggs and flour until smooth.

Separately, in another bowl, melt the chocolate with butter on a water bath and cool.

Potato casserole

Preparation Potato casserole:

Peel and boil the potatoes for about 25 minutes.
Make a mash, add butter, as well as cream or milk, but so that the mashed potatoes are thick enough. Salt and pepper to taste, adding a little grated nutmeg.

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