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Shrimp in orange peel

Mix orange jam and juice of one orange. Cut the chili peppers in rings, having cleaned the grain well. Then marinate the prawns in this marinade for 15-20 minutes.

Stuffed zucchini

We will prepare zucchini. Clean the skin. Cut the edges. Then cut them with rings about 3 cm thick. Cut out the core. In salted water, according to your taste, we will send them to cook (after boiling for about 5-7 minutes).

Pasta with chicken, vegetables and cream sauce

Ideal pasta for families with children! Multicolored, tasty, nutritious, useful, economical! The original recipe is not complicated, the main thing is to observe consistency, cook quickly, do not over-dry the chicken, and do not over-extinguish the vegetables.

Gypsy schnitzel

This dish is very convenient for breakfast or for urgent cooking hot snacks.
Similarly, the «Schnitzel in Roman» is made from cheese. A slice of very hard cheese (straight from the refrigerator) 1 cm thick roll in flour, then abundantly in the egg, generously veneer in wheat crumbs or thinly cut strips of fresh white bread (there should be a lot of breadcrumbs). Briefly fry on each side on a pre-heated frying pan with butter.

Cabbage recipe

The very recipe of cabbage is very simple and unnecessary in the abundance of ingredients, it’s all just how to make a small salad to a child. Stick to the recipe and you will succeed.

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