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Rolls of omelette in korean

Pour half (!) Mixture and cook until the bottom does not grasp, the top will not remain liquid. Roll the omelet into a roll from the edge to the middle so that the part remains free

Eggplant in Sicilian

Eggplant cut into thin strips along the length and fry without adding oil.
Grease the baking dish with olive oil.

Fried suluguni with tomatoes

Suluguni slice into thick slices. Eggs slightly whisk. Each slice of cheese dipped in eggs, roll in breadcrumbs. Repeat this procedure again and fry in vegetable oil.

Chic julienne in large shells

Now I will show you the excellent recipe for cooking julienne in large shells, the way is simply gorgeous. This is a simple recipe and at the same time a very tasty dish, especially since it does not require a lot of ingredients.

Tomatoes with a cap

First, cut all the meat ingredients of the assortment into small pieces.
2. Then combine, mix with mayonnaise, season to taste with salt, pepper, dill and mayonnaise.

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