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The recipe for juicy and tasty chicken cutlets

The bulb should be cleaned and crushed (preferably with a blender or grated) and add to the stuffing with the egg.

The most delicious cutlets in the world

Forage, mango, sour cream, egg, mustard, sugar, salt and spices are put in one bowl. Fine-finely cut the greens, add it there and mix thoroughly.

Meatballs with buckwheat groats

Mix all the ingredients for the meatball.
2. Formed meatballs (you can roll them in flour) and fried on both sides in vegetable oil
3. Oils poured a little bit

Cabbage Cutlets

Cut cabbage into 4 parts and weld in salted water for 8-10 minutes.
Throw the cabbage into a colander, pass through a meat grinder and wring out to remove water.

Chicken nuggets

Cut the meat from the bones and cut into small pieces.
Each piece of salt, pepper and crumble in flour.

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