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Potato Cutlets

This is a very good and simple way to diversify your table if you prefer potatoes to other kinds of side dishes. It seems to me that such simple homemade recipes are the best solution for those who want to cook something that is 100% delicious, but do not repeat too much.

Chilled swans with cream

Take 1 body of the swan, with a very sharp knife, cut off the lid by 1/3 or half. Start the swan with cream, and cut the top cover in half to make the wings. Insert your head. Repeat with the other swans and cream. Sprinkle the ready-made swans with powdered sugar.

Vanilla mousse with berries and raspberry sauce

1.Time of cooking — 40 minutes
Cooling time — 2 hours
Number — 4 servings
2.Zhelatin soak in a little cold water.

Roll for tea fast

In parallel with the baking of the cake, put a metal saucepan on the fire, into which we pour jam and lightly heat it. By the way, jam can be any, but especially suitable strawberry.

Pears in a chocolate-almond cloud

Peel the sweet sweet pears, remove the core.
Cook pears for 7-10 minutes on a small fire, adding 50 grams of sugar and lemon juice to the water.

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