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Delicious salad of Mercury

Preparation Tasty salad Mercury:

Prune the scabies and chop. Chicken cut or disassembled. Fry the onions and mushrooms. Spread everything in the following sequence: prunes, chicken, onions with mushrooms, eggs (on a grater), cucumber (grate on a grater).

Lemon bars-muesli

This is a real delicacy for those who lose weight does not allow themselves sweet. Deliciously delicious lemon-nut bars are produced, which are also very useful! Just a storehouse of vitamins, and how delicious!

Shish kebab from chicken and pineapple

1. Cut the fillets into small pieces.
2. Cut the pineapples into small pieces.
3. Mix the soy sauce and ketchup.
4. Mix the fillets and sauce, put in the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.
5. On the skewers thread, alternating, fillets and pineapples.

Chicken cutlets with cottage cheese

Squash grate on a fine grater, squeeze out excess liquid, chop the garlic very finely with a knife. Mix all the ingredients.

Chocolate diet cheesecake

Add the cottage cheese, cocoa and honey. Mix everything blender into a homogeneous mass. Pour into the mold and put it in the cold until it freezes.

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