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Chicken cutlets with cottage cheese

Squash grate on a fine grater, squeeze out excess liquid, chop the garlic very finely with a knife. Mix all the ingredients.

Chocolate diet cheesecake

Add the cottage cheese, cocoa and honey. Mix everything blender into a homogeneous mass. Pour into the mold and put it in the cold until it freezes.

Cake with cottage cheese and yoghurt cream and pear

Cake with cottage cheese and yoghurt cream and pear Caloric content per 100 gr is 105 kcal! Very tasty and light dessert without baking with a delicate curd-yoghurt cream. The peculiarity of this dessert is a delicious and sweet base of fruits and dried fruits without the addition of butter and biscuits, harmful to the […]

Apple charlotte

Apple charlotte Preparation: Mix flour flakes, honey, egg and protein, add kefir to the consistency of pancake dough. Allow to stand for a while, so that the flakes are swollen. Add the baking powder and, if desired, cinnamon (cocoa). Put the cut apples in a mold, pour the resulting mixture. Bake for 30 minutes.

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