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Hot sandwiches with potatoes

Grate raw potatoes on a grater and salt-pepper to taste, cut the bread or loaf is not thick, from the top, too, not a thick layer to lay flatten potatoes.

Delicate and delicious potatoes

In a large bowl, mix the potatoes, onions, cheese (1/4 part off), salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add sour cream and gently mix.

Potato zrazy with liver

The puree should completely cool before adding flour and egg to it. We form zrazy from the cold potato mass.

Potato pizza home

Potatoes three on a large grater, add the garlic, passed through the press, eggs, flour, salt, pepper. Stir well.

How to cook chateau potatoes

And yet, how to cook Chateau potatoes? There is a proto-solution to this question, just repeat after me, that is, for my recipe for a freebie. Potato Chateau turns rosy and pleasant to the taste.

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