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Stuffed potatoes with vegetables and cheese

First we take potatoes, it needs to be cleaned well. Wash, add and send to prepare for a couple. Multivarku in the cooking mode for a couple of 25 minutes, this is enough.

Thin potato pancakes

Peel and cut into 4 pieces of potatoes, pour water (so that only only covered the potatoes), salt and boil until cooked.

Mexican tortillas

Boil the potatoes, cook the mashed potatoes, add flour and egg to it. From the prepared dough, lay a cake and lay it on a greased frying pan.

Potato zrazy with minced meat

The secret of these zrazes in a grater, you need to use a large, not a small one. Really, a completely different taste is obtained.

Potato soup with lazy dumplings

Mix the sifted flour in the bowl, make a hole, add the egg whites slightly whipped. Mix in the salt. Add to the hole to the eggs. Knead the dough. Wrap in film and leave for 30 minutes.

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