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Potato-shaped boats in uniform

The potatoes are good for mine and boil in a uniform, we cool and clean.
Next, cut each potato in half along and gently take out the pulp with a spoon from the middle.

Gold potatoes in the oven

Potato baked in the oven is incredibly tasty! Adhere to the usual rules and you will succeed, a little patience, because not many people like to peel potatoes.
But the most important thing is not this. Just treat this delicious dish with love and tenderness, then everything will be fine.

Potato roll with chicken and mushrooms

While the potatoes with chicken will be prepared, we will fill the stuffing for the roll. Onions are cleaned, finely chopped, carrots three for a large grater, champignons washed and we decide not a little cubes.

A potato in a hurry


● potatoes
● onion
● tomato
● cheese
● mayonnaise
● salt
We take all products in random quantities

Chicken in wine with olives and young potatoes

1. In a well-heated saucepan, fry the chicken.
2. We drag out, and in its place we send potatoes and garlic.

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