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Okroshka on sour cream

Okroshka on sour cream Ingredients: Dill — 1 bunch Water — 200 ml Sour cream — 3 tbsp. l. Mustard — 10 g Potatoes — 3 pcs. Green onion — 1 beam Sausage — 50 g Cucumbers — 1 pc. Eggs — 1 pc.

Cheese soup with rice

Chicken fillet pour 3 liters of water, salt, pepper and cook until done, about 20 minutes after boiling. When the fillet is ready, it must be removed.

Mushroom cream soup with mushroom mushrooms

Delicious and simple mushroom soup with mushrooms of champignons. Even my wife, who does not like soups-mashed potatoes, approved and praised. Definitely I will cook more and try to come up with a new recipe, which by no means will give way to this simple and quick way of making soup from champignons.

Lagman-Uzbek thick soup

The cooking of the lagman may seem tricky only at first glance, it is very simple (to the primitive) in cooking the dish. Especially if you do not cook homemade noodles.

Russian borsch with chicken

Thaw the chicken, divide into pieces and cook. Salt the broth.
2. When the water boils, add chopped potatoes.

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