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Fried fish with lemon

After pickling, we pour the fish in flour mixed with a small amount of salt, and fry it on red-hot oil from two sides to a golden color.

Tender fish in a cheese soufflé

Wash fish, dry, salt and pepper, cut into small pieces and put in baking dish.

Fish casserole

Fill all layers with a mixture of mayonnaise, eggs and sour cream. If desired, sprinkle with grated cheese on top.
Bake in the oven (or microwave oven with the function of «grilling» or «convection») until the potatoes are ready.

Pickled mackerel

You can, of course, buy a ready-made pickled mackerel in the supermarket. But cooked at home is a delight! Deliciously unrealistic, and when cooking difficulties no: 20 minutes — and a snack on the table.

Mackerel hot smoked freebie

Indeed, my husband, having tried the mackerel prepared by me, did not believe that I did not buy it. So it turned out delicious and tender.

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