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Fish pie

1. In the form of stacking paper for baking and rubbing with butter.
2. Roll out two sheets of dough.
3. We clean the fish from the skin, if necessary, then remove the bones with tweezers.
4. Luch shin. Eggs boil hard.

Marinated mackerel (Cooking at home quickly)

How to Cook Marinated mackerel:

Step 1.

The simplest recipe will describe quickly and simply. The last time I cooked 2 mackerels, however, they were both large, but all the other ingredients of the dish I proportionally reduced in quantity.

Cream with soy-honey sauce

Preparation of Cream with soy-honey sauce:

Garlic let through the press.
Remove all the bones from the fish.
Mix all the ingredients for the marinade (all except sesame seeds), put the pieces of fish skin up in it.

Fish baked in pita bread

Cooking Fish baked in pita bread:

1. Prepare the fish: remove the film on the abdomen, cut the fins, cut off the head.
2. Cut the tomato into half rings (you can use any other method, but it’s better to be large).

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