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Lemon sour cream

We send cottage cheese and eggs, sprinkled with salt, to the food processor.
In the received dough it is necessary to put sugar crumb and a crumb of candied fruits from a lemon.

Cheese cakes with ham and mushrooms

Connect the edges and roll out a little. Fry in a pre-heated frying pan on refined oil from both sides on medium heat, covering with a lid.

Cabbage fritters

All of you probably already somewhere heard about real pancakes from cabbage, but have not tried and did not even try to cook them.

Pancakes thin with starch

Pour in turn flour and starch. Beat with whisk to prevent
It was lumps. Add vegetable oil directly to the dough.

Apple pancakes

Peel apples from the core and skin. Rub on a large grater.
2. Add the egg and sugar, mix. Gradually add flour, so that the dough becomes thick as usual pancakes (roughly a glass, but this depends on the juiciness of the apples).

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