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Fritters similar to khachapuri

For the filling, grate the cheese on a fine grater. Add finely chopped garlic and dill. Add a couple of spoons of sour cream, mix everything thoroughly. Come to the preparation of pancakes. Frying pan to warm well, pour the vegetable oil.

How to Cook Apple Pancakes

Fry the cream or vegetable oil small fritters (you can put a dough with a tablespoon).
5. Hot apple pancakes with honey are served.

Banana fritters (Cooking at home)

Grind two or three very ripe bananas, add two eggs to the mass, a glass of kefir (you can get curdled milk), half a teaspoon of hydrated soda, sugar and salt to taste.

Lemon sour cream

We send cottage cheese and eggs, sprinkled with salt, to the food processor.
In the received dough it is necessary to put sugar crumb and a crumb of candied fruits from a lemon.

Cheese cakes with ham and mushrooms

Connect the edges and roll out a little. Fry in a pre-heated frying pan on refined oil from both sides on medium heat, covering with a lid.

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