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Squid stuffed with mushrooms and cheese

Calmar to unfreeze, burn with boiling water, clean off the film and the entrails, remove the chord (thin cartilage). Fins gently cut and cut into strips.

Oyster mushrooms in garlic marinade

Cut the hard part of the legs in the vesicles, wash and dry.
Garlic and parsley finely chopped.

Chicken fillet with mushrooms and cream

Chicken fillet cut into large pieces, mushrooms «plates». We put chicken and mushrooms in a frying pan and fry in butter.

Stuffed mushrooms

Wipe the boiled potatoes on a small grater. Grate the cheese. Garlic let through the press. Finely chop the greens.

Sausages homemade from chicken with mushrooms

Fill the intestines with minced meat. We form sausages in the size of 15 — 20 cm, we make shallow punctures along the entire length of the sausages and bake in the oven until cooked.

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