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Appetizer of mushrooms and chicken

So, fry mushrooms with onions until ready, chicken fillet boil in salted water, hard boiled eggs. We cut finely chicken fillets, eggs three on a large grater.

Meat under the fur coat

Meat under the fur coat How to cook meat under a fur coat? Yes, nothing is easier than to quickly cook this meat, and cook it so that you can treat your friends, and they in turn praise you for its simplicity and originality. Meat is prepared by a podshuba with mushrooms, which gives it […]

Mushroom cutlets

An excellent mushroom treat for the whole family, as well as cutlets are very tasty and hearty. And most importantly, mushroom cutlets are ideal for any additive from mackerel products and mashed potatoes. It is possible to try even for salads from greenery.

Mushroom julienne

Mushroom julienne Ingredients: 500 g of white mushrooms or champignons 2 onions 200 g sour cream 300 g of hard cheese 1 clove of garlic 4 tbsp. l. butter 1 tbsp. l. flour Freshly ground black pepper Salt

Baked eggplants with mushrooms and pepper

Eggplant cut into cubes / rectangles and soak in salt water for 15 minutes. At this time, cut the mushrooms and fry them in a small amount of oil in a frying pan. Pepper cut into squares.

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