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The best dough for baking

A very good recipe for a universal test. It always produces good pastry. It goes for almost all the baking, both sweet and not sweet. If you do not have such a recipe yet, then take it to the note.

Nourishing pie Chicken-mushroom julienne

Easy to prepare and delicious dish with a beautiful name. On the table, a pie with the taste of this julienne looks very impressive, and the classic combination of mushrooms and sour cream never fails.

Triangles with stuffing at home

Roll out the cakes, put stuffing, form triangles and leave a hole in the middle.
Lubricated with a mixture: 1 egg yolk + 1 tbsp. L. Cream.

Layered apple pie

Layered apple pie got its name due to the fact that the bulk of the pie — the finest apple slices, which dissolve in a small amount of dough, and the test itself is practically not visible in the pie.

Quick cherry pie home

Pre-discard the cherry in the colander, give a good drain of liquid, then mix it a little with the starch or flour, if frozen, do not defrost and pour starch

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