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How to cook lavash with cheese

Add the greens and pour out to the cheese.
Stirring. Kefir so much that the mass was a little thin.

Spicy bun with raisins

Put the buns on a baking sheet, cover with a film and let stand for 15 minutes. Heat the oven for 180-200 gr. Buns grease the egg, you can sprinkle with sugar or poppy.

Potato cheesecake with chicken

Stuff the stuffing with onion and spices with garlic and mayonnaise. Cook potatoes in salted water, drain the water, potatize the mash, add egg, flour, greens.

Cooking Placinds

Put the filling in the center of the circle and begin to collect the edges of the cake to the middle in the likeness of the rays, (trying to squeeze out the air as much as possible) until all the edges of the dough are gathered in the center.

Cooking a delicious pie quickly

The pie is ready! It is beautiful both warm and chilled. As you can see, the recipe is really simple, in addition, you can vary it at will — add nuts, dried fruits, chocolate chips, pieces of marmalade … Enjoy this amazing dessert!

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