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Chic pie with cheese and sausages

Hello ! Now it’s time to share a recipe for a pie with cheese and sausages. It would seem that it was not an intricate, simple dish, but you do not need to hurry, it was not there.

Apple pie full

I offer the simplest and delicious recipe for apple pie, and a hearty pie. Make sure the recipe is very simple to prepare and does not take much of your precious time.

Puffs with ham and suluguni

Place the plates of the dough one by one to thaw. Cut the ham and onions into small cubes.

Chebureks with cheese

From flour, salt and water knead soft elastic dough, roll into a ball and cover with a napkin, let stand for 15 minutes.

Pie with chicken and potatoes

For the dough, chop the flour with chilled (but not very hard) oil.
2. Make a groove in the flour. Add the egg, sour cream, salt to it. Knead the dough.

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