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Pies made of melted cheese

Patties are similar to pastry made from puff pastry. But we will not buy dough, but we will cook it ourselves.

Kurnik recipe

To begin with we put to cook a chicken — this is best done in advance. Cook in salted water for about an hour. Then remove and cool. We use the broth at our discretion.

Apple pie homemade

Beat eggs with sugar in a lush mass.
Without stopping whipping add sour cream and melted butter,
Then vanillin, flour and baking powder.

Cheese cake from Armenian lavash

Grate the cheese on a large grater.
Egg with milk and whisk and add to cheese, mix.
Grease the baking tray with vegetable oil and spread on it 1 layer of pita bread.

Fish pie

1. In the form of stacking paper for baking and rubbing with butter.
2. Roll out two sheets of dough.
3. We clean the fish from the skin, if necessary, then remove the bones with tweezers.
4. Luch shin. Eggs boil hard.

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