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Festive festive pizza

Roll a thin yeast dough on a flour-poured table. Transfer to a baking tray. On the dough, put a piece of sausage in a circle, first cutting it along, then across 3 parts.

Fruit pizza

Prepare the puff pastry, thinly roll it and put it into a mold, smeared with fat.
Prepare the filling: peel the fruit from the bones, cut into small pieces.

Pizza — roll of Stromboli

Preparation of Pizza — Rolls of Stromboli:

To make a dough, you need to mix a glass of warm water with yeast and a teaspoon of sugar. Now in this mixture you need to add two tsp. Salt and two tablespoons. olive oil.

Fast Pizza Minute

Cooking Fast Pizza Min:

1. In the container mix mayonnaise and sour cream.
2. Add eggs and whisk everything.
3. Put the flour and mix everything again thoroughly.

Pizza without flour

Put into a baking dish, put in preheated to 230oC for 15 minutes. Dough for pizza with chicken and mushrooms

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