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Chicken chops with cheese

Cut the chicken breast into small portions. Fight off, salt and pepper. Leave to stand a little.

Georgian Ojahuri

From Georgian «Ojahuri» is translated as «family» — that is, a dish intended for the whole family. It is not difficult to prepare it.

Chicken liver cake

Rinse the liver, grind it in a meat grinder or blender. Add milk, eggs, flour, vegetable oil and salt, mix well.

Pork chops with apples

Start with the brine. Bring the water to a boil and throw salt and sugar. Cook until completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add pepper and a bunch of sage leaves.

Chicken fillet with ricotta and rosemary

Prepare all the ingredients. Take a sharp knife and cut the fillets in the middle. It is most convenient to cut it evenly, pressing the meat to the table with the palm of your hand.

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