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bacon hot sauce home

Remove the fat from the fire and leave it for 8-10 hours soaked with decoction. Then pull the fat from the brine and dry it. While the fat dries from the liquid, cut the garlic with thin plates, then mixed with ground black pepper.

Baked pork baked in the sleeve of the house

In a sleeve lay, cut into large pieces of onions, whole cloves of garlic, put on top the meat, a couple of peas and a laurel.

Homemade delicious chebureks

The recipe for these chebureks for me is a godsend! First, the dough is kneaded with a normal fork without the help of hands.

Skewers of chicken in the oven at home

The shish kebab should turn out to be a beautiful golden color. Do not forget to turn the skewers once.

Chicken bombs

Chicken fillet to beat, salt, pepper. In the center put the mushroom stuffing, roll up, giving the form of a «bomb», if necessary, pin with toothpicks.

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