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Chicken in marinade in Greek

In fact, the recipe for cooking chicken in a marinade in Greek is not that difficult, if you act on my prince of cooking, then you will do yours and your chicken will become your chip to extinguish not only relatives and relatives, but also your acquaintances and guests.

Puffs with ham and suluguni

Place the plates of the dough one by one to thaw. Cut the ham and onions into small cubes.

Cold boiled pork — cook at home

Extract the meat from the brine and rub it with spices. I used dried rosemary, dill seeds, bay leaf and ground black pepper.

Chicken with mushrooms under a potato coat

This secret weapon of women … not a single man could stand it!
We advise to cook today, right now!

Meat under the fur coat

Meat beat off + salt, pepper, grate the chopped garlic.
Mushrooms fried with onions.

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