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Kurnik recipe

To begin with we put to cook a chicken — this is best done in advance. Cook in salted water for about an hour. Then remove and cool. We use the broth at our discretion.

Chicken Merchant

Cook the chicken into pieces and weigh 20 grams and fry. Then pour water (broth), put butter, fried potatoes, salt, fried tomatoes in circles, fried mushrooms.

Julienne with chicken and mushrooms

1. Preparation of any julien begins with mushrooms. Traditionally it is considered that it is necessary for such a recipe to cut all the ingredients into strips. But if you do not, it’s okay.

Chicken drumstick in sour cream marinade

Preparation Chicken drumstick in sour cream marinade:

1. Preparation of sour marinade begins with a lemon. Rinse it thoroughly under running water, wipe it with a kitchen towel, arm with a grater with small holes or special for citrus and rub zest into any convenient dish.

Salad Hunting with chicken fillet

There are many options for cooking salad, but the ingredients — marinated / pickled cucumbers and pickled mushrooms, as well as meat (beef, turkey, chicken) remain unchanged.

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