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Hepatic fritters in sour cream sauce

Pechenka is a product that is not loved by everyone. Appetizing liver pancakes in a gentle sour cream sauce will help you to change the idea of ​​a liver once and for all if you have not yet fallen in love with it.

Fillets in honey sauce

Chicken fillet mode into small pieces, add all the remaining ingredients, carefully mix it all up and leave to marinate on the table for 1 hour

Liver in cheese sauce

Add all the melted cheese to the liver and onions. Let’s disperse to the liquid state, constantly stirring with a spoon. Add water. Cheese can take any, from it curls a shade of taste of a dish.

Meat stew with mushrooms

Pour the chopped pepper, halves of champignons (if the mushrooms are large — cut into quarters, if very small — throw the whole), grated carrot and tomato paste on a large grater, fry another 5 minutes.

Chicken hearts in cheese sauce

Hearts thoroughly wash, cut off all veins
Add them to the onion along with the chopped mushrooms, fry until done
Following the cream and mustard, weighed 10 minutes

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