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Ham with a cup of raw eggs

Preparation Ham with a cup of raw eggs:

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees.
Pour slices of ham into cups for muffins.

Samsa from lamb

Preparation of sauts from lamb:

Using a sharp knife cut the lamb as small as possible.
Finely chop the onion and add to the meat. Add salt, black pepper.

Kuritsa v apel’sinovom souse

Prigotovleniye Kuritsa v apel’sinovom souse:

Razogret’ dukhovku do 180°. Narezat’ kurinuyu grudku na portsionnyye kusochki, primerno po 3 sm.
V glubokoy miske smeshat’ tri yaytsa, chaynuyu lozhku chesnochnoy soli i nemnogo ostrogo sousa.
Dobavit’ v smes’ kusochki kuritsy i khorosho vse peremeshat’

Chicken in Provence

For this dish, it is best to take the white meat of the chicken — the breast. It turns out to be more gentle and not dry at all.


Such meat on the festive table will be a success, and in the case of unexpected guests will help — treat like hot cakes! Well, if you make sandwiches on the road, it will be a great help, because it preserves its taste characteristics for a long time.

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