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Chicken chops with pineapple

Wash the fillets, cut into thin plates, lightly beat off, salt, sprinkle with black pepper.
Beat the eggs a little.

Chicken in a milk and garlic sauce

Chicken in a milk and garlic sauce is a dish that is prepared quickly and easily. Soft chicken and tender sauce is very harmonious, and garlic will add spice.

Chicken breasts in French

The recipe for cooking chicken breasts in French is simple: cut the breasts along, beat off, salt, pepper, pour the cream and put in a cold place.

Chops from the liver

We cut the liver into portions, we fight off. Do not salt, so that juice does not stand out.

Serbian moussaka

Put the tomatoes on the last layer of the stuffing.
And again, cover everything with potatoes (it is very important that the last layer is the potatoes, otherwise it will turn out completely garbage does not work).

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