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Chicken in wine with olives and young potatoes

1. In a well-heated saucepan, fry the chicken.
2. We drag out, and in its place we send potatoes and garlic.

Chicken legs in bacon

This recipe for chicken legs in bacon is so simple and tasty that anyone trying to cook it will be proud of themselves. The recipe for a leg in bacon can be cooked without assistance, everything is simple, and most importantly it does not require extra

Meat under the fur coat

Meat under the fur coat How to cook meat under a fur coat? Yes, nothing is easier than to quickly cook this meat, and cook it so that you can treat your friends, and they in turn praise you for its simplicity and originality. Meat is prepared by a podshuba with mushrooms, which gives it […]

Roll of beef tongue

Separately wash, clean, grind garlic through garlic and then mix with chopped nuts and fried mushrooms with onions.

Chicken liver with onions

This recipe for chicken meat, and to be more precise from the chicken liver, went to me even with my mother, who said, do not be afraid to salt the liver, she will take only her own. And till now I use her tips.
Well, this dish turns out to be very tasty and rich, it can be served as a different pasta, as well as other dishes. Chicken liver is very delicate and gives a special piquant taste.
Rejoice and enjoy and do not forget to treat your friends and friends. All to the table.

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