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Chicken fillet roll with prunes in the oven

To begin with, you need to prepare chicken fillets, rinse and soak prunes.
2. Slice the chicken fillet from two sides.

Pork in a Stroganoff style with mushrooms

In a frying pan with high sides, fry the onions and mushrooms, 7 minutes.
2. Add meat cut into cubes.

Chicken marinated in kefir

First of all, we do marinade. Finely cut garlic, add it to kefir, salt, add pepper and spices.

Fajita home

Take any meat (800 gr.), Which you like, for example, beef. Cut large cubes into 1 centimeter.

Chicken rolls in bacon

Cut each halve of chicken fillet with a sharp knife along two plastic pieces. If you try, you can and three, then the rolls will be smaller and more careful, but we are arranged and such.

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