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Goulash from pork, freebie

pork, wash, chop, cut into small pieces. We pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the multivariate bowl. Put the prepared meat into the bowl.

Ground beef meatballs with cheese

Подавать тефтельки щедро полив их соусом и посыпав свежей зеленью.
На гарнир можно подать рис, пасту, картофель.

Homemade lacy sausage

Love lace sausage, but buy it with caution? This is not surprising, if you read the composition. The thought of making sausages at home seems unworkable, and when you say «guts» you are shivering? Then this simple recipe is for you!

Leg in a puff pastry at home

Today, for dinner, I prepared a whole leg, which stood at night in the fridge and marinated in salt, pepper and garlic.

Chicken recipe in mustard sauce with rice

Today I cooked chicken in mustard sauce with rice here on this recipe. The dish is very simple to prepare. It turns out easily, fairly quickly, and very tasty. The main thing is to follow the prescription strictly.

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