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Greek salad

Peel the onion and cut into thin half rings. Vegetables cut into large pieces and folded with a salad bowl. On top lay onions, olives and coarsely chopped feta cheese.

Salad Delight

Chicken thigh I set boil for 30 minutes in salted water. And then she took it out and left it to the side to cool it.

Salad with smoked chicken, apple and pineapple

Smoked chicken breast cut into strips. You can take another part of the chicken, for example, the thigh, but it will first need to be dismantled, the meat is separated from the bones and peels.

Cucumber salad with olives and cheese

Cucumbers cut into small blocks, olives — rings, and cheese — cubes.
Pour the salad leaves into small pieces

Warm salad with asparagus and spicy dressing

So, the most important thing is asparagus. It can be fresh or frozen. If you take a fresh one, cut off the bottom hard ends, and clean the lower part of the stems with a vegetable brushing, most often there is a harsh on the outside of the asparagus.

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