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Salad globe

There was still no case that the salad exploded. And the taste is always amazing! But, I repeat, not a gram of excess salt, sugar, etc., otherwise the result may be different.

Beet Salad

To prepare a salad you need: boiled beets (maroon, sweet), boiled eggs, hard cheese, a little mayonnaise, salt and spices to taste. Salad in the above interpretation is fairly neutral to taste.

Salad Hedgehog

Pour the dough into a frying pan and put any stuffing on top.
At me sausages, then hardly smoked sausages, slightly fried mushrooms

Salad Berlin in our

Preparation of Salad Berlin in our:

1. Ham, eggs, pepper, cucumber cut into small cubes, grate cheese on a large grater., Grind the greens.

Salad Hunting with chicken fillet

There are many options for cooking salad, but the ingredients — marinated / pickled cucumbers and pickled mushrooms, as well as meat (beef, turkey, chicken) remain unchanged.

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