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Salad with chicken, pepper and carrots

Preparation Salad with chicken, pepper and carrots:

We are engaged in ingredients: carrots cut into strips (you can grate on a large grater), pepper cut into thin slices. Chicken fillet cut into small pieces — as in the photo.

Salad with beans and crab sticks

Preparation of salad with beans and crab sticks:

1. With the beans drain the juice. Crab sticks, eggs and greens finely chopped.

Italian salad

Preparation of Italian salad:

Cut the olives into slices, cherry tomatoes into four parts, pepper, cheese and ham with long straw, dill finely chop, mix everything, season with mayonnaise.

Salat khitraya Lisichka

Preparation Salad Sly Chanterelle:

The fillet is boiled in salted water, then cut into strips (or we disassemble by hands on fibers). Cucumbers are also cut into strips, cheese on a large grater.

Mushrooms in Korean

Cooking Mushrooms in Korean:

Boil washed oysters in salted water for 10 minutes. We merge the water, we cut the oyster mushrooms.

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