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Shoot Amur Salad

Mix prawns, chopsticks, cabbage, pineapples and pomegranate. Season with mayonnaise and eat, without swallowing the fork!

Peking cabbage salad

This salad is very tasty and light, and most importantly, 10 minutes — and you have a chic dish ready.

Chinese cabbage salad with chicken

We set to boil the chicken fillet (for the aroma we add carrots, onions and bay leaf.) We then used soup for soup

Salad with chinese cabbage, chicken and croutons

To begin with, cook crunches. Sliced ​​white bread cut into small cubes and dried in the oven. Cool down.

Salad Tenderness

Cut the bulb and fry it with champignons from the jar, cook the chicken fillets and cut them into cubes

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