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Salad dancing crabs

Dear cooks and just those who just want, and likes to do what they love, that is, to cook. Take on this simple and nutritious salad, it will come in handy to you in the future. Use it as a seasoning for a holiday, for a wedding or just meet your loved ones with this salad.

Salad without imagination

This is an amazing salad without any imagination, it is easy to prepare, tasty and saturated with natural vitamins, easily digestible.

Salad watermelon at home

While the lettuce is soaked, let’s take care of its decoration. At the cucumber we get rid of a soft core with bones (it can be simply eaten) and leave for registration a more rigid part under the skin itself.

Salad mushroom glade

An excellent, versatile salad Mushroom glade, suitable for any celebration or simple feast. Prepare at home easily and with pleasure. All is simple, and the main salad turns out to be rich and nutritious, the main thing is not to overeat.

Paris salad with vegetables

In fact, there is nothing complicated, this Paris salad with vegetables will not take you much time and money, everything is affordable and easy. But in fact, this recipe went to me from my first wife and took second place in my collection.

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