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Sour salad for guests

Slice the diced cucumbers, eggs and meat into small cubes. Then cut into four pieces each champignon.

Simple fairy salad

Champignons clean and wash. We cut them. Fry mushrooms in sunflower oil until golden brown. Solim. Cool them down.

Italian salad «Romance for two» (Cooking at home)

Boil shrimps in a shell and clean (in a shell they are more delicious and juicier than purchased, cleaned).

Caesar salad with shrimps

Wash the shrimp, peel, dry with paper towels and put in a small bowl.
Add honey, lemon juice, butter, salt and pepper to the bowl, mix thoroughly and leave to stand for half an hour.

Salad for weight loss

This salad will help anyone who suffers from excess weight, and not only for those who want to lose some weight, but for everyone who wants it is a healthy food, because the salad of ripe pomegranate is very tasty and, of course, useful.

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