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Autumn salad recipe

Autumn salad differs from all others in cooking, where all individual portions of ingredients do not interfere with others, but lie down in layers, well, just like a cake, but it is original and very beautiful.

Salad mosaic from chicken

For a salad mosaic of chicken first thing, you need to boil the chicken breast and cut it into small cubes.

Gourmand salad at home

Very popular delicious layered salad, consisting, as it were, of three different salads. It occurs under different names. I liked it — Gourmand.

Chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms

Mushrooms cut into medium-sized plates, finely chop the onion, lightly fry, cool.
2. Smoked chicken breast and cucumber cut into thin strips, grate eggs on medium grater, chop the greens.

Tomatoes with a cap

First, cut all the meat ingredients of the assortment into small pieces.
2. Then combine, mix with mayonnaise, season to taste with salt, pepper, dill and mayonnaise.

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