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Korean Carrot Salad

We need:
Chicken drumsticks — 3pcs (but you can have 1 breast, too, it turns out delicious).
Potatoes average — 2pcs.
Eggs-3 pieces.
Onion-2 pieces.
Korean carrot-300gr.
Mayonnaise — 1 large package.

Italian salad

Cut olives into slices, cherry tomatoes into four parts, pepper, cheese and ham with long straw, dill finely chop, mix everything, season with mayonnaise.

Salad Negresco

Now you need to lay the salad layers in a serving bowl. We lay out in such a sequence: chicken, eggs, cucumbers, prunes, nuts, cheese. Between each layer we put a dressing from mayonnaise and yogurt.

Salad Crunchy

Salad Crunchy Ingredients: 200 g of white loaf 250 g chicken fillet 150 g cheese 300 g of cucumbers 150 g of onion 1 bunch of green salad Refueling: 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 3 cloves of garlic 1 tbsp. vinegar 6% salt pepper

Yeralash Salad

Decorate with greens and can be pomegranate seeds. 3.Mayonez submit separately in sausnitsya.I most importantly — you can experiment with a set of products for this salad.

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